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Version Française
Maitai Fakarava

There are miracles of nature whose beauty made us dream from way back. Bora Bora is a mythical place, that symbolizes paradise on earth. The main island with its volcanic mountain top, surrounded by an ocean of many hues, has become over thousands of years the harbour of an extraordinary underwater fauna.

The crystal clear water studded with islets ("Motu" in Tahitian) has created a nearly "supernatural" scenery called " the lagoon of Bora Bora".

One can still hear the echoes of the warriors that once paddled across the ocean from the rival island of Raiatea. Amongst the many beauties of Bora Bora you will find the "motus" and the great ridges inviting you to a hike. There is also the mountain top of "Otemanu"on the main island, the legendary "Pahia" and the "Toopua" motu made famous by the "bells of Hiro". These bells are located on the hill top where Hiro would sound the alarm when needed. The point of "Matira" on the southern tip of the island is another spot very much appreciated. The well preserved lagoon and virgin white sand outdo in beauty the blue skies above.

Many an artist has been inspired by Bora Bora such as painters, poets, philosophers and other aesthetes. Each one feels impelled to carry on a tradition begun by Paul-Emile Victor and Herman Melville, just to mention a few.

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